Saturday, December 08, 2007

Saturday Night Observations

First, there could not be less on television on Saturday night. I know that part of it is that the various networks assume everyone is out on Saturday night, but I am not. I have no social life. So, perhaps somebody out there with some money to invest could put together some sort of cable television for people like me- "Shut-In TV" or something like that.

Second, by process of elimination I'm watching the Bruins v. Maple Leafs game. I've always been a hockey fan and a Bruins fan, but in the decade or so* since Cam Neely retired (and the Bruins have gotten worse and worse) I've watched them less and less. I'm actually enjoying tonights game, but every few minutes I find myself saying, "Who the hell are these guys?" Here are the ones I could name:

-Glen Murray (because he's been there on and off since 1991)
-Zdeno Chara (because he was in the news when he was traded and he's the tallest player in the NHL and I tend to know useless crap like that)
-Tim Thomas (because he's been there off and on for 5 years and went to UVM- I went to UNH)
-P.J. Axelsson (because he's been there for 10 years)
-Marco Sturm (because he's one of only a few Germans in the NHL...see Chara comment)
-Phil Kessel (because he had cancer of, he had cancer)

*for six of those years I without access to Bruins games unless they were on national TV, I'm not as "fair weather" of a fan as my statement above may make me seem at first read!

Well, anyway, I'm sure that was enlightening for everyone involved, I'm going to fire up the PlayStation.

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