Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My point is made

Abbot and Costello, er, Max Bretos and Christopher Sullivan, are the commentators on the Boca Juniors-Etoile Sahel match I'm watching. Christopher just said, "Here we see the repetition- ah, replay of..."

"Repetition?!" Seriously?!

If he wasn't American born and raised I'd think he learned his English from a textbook in English that was badly translated into a foreign language, then translated back into English, then plopped onto little Christopher's desk. He speaks like the surreal directions you read when putting together furniture produced in South Korea or Vietnam.

Or, maybe after years of work on television he's just now been introduced to this, "instant replay."

Oh, and Boca are wearing their traditional blue shirts with the wide, yellow, horizontal stripe, but with yellow shorts and socks. What? Why? It's not like there's a conflict with Etoile Sahel, they're wearing red from head to toe!

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