Saturday, March 24, 2007


Young Craig Beattie scored in the 89th minute today to ensure that Scotland will remain tied for the top of its group regardless of what France does against Lithuania later today.

Scotland probably should have done better against a side like Georgia, but a win is a win is a win, and they move to 4-0-1 with for 12 points.

Up next a much sterner test later in the weak at Italy. An away draw would make for a successful trip, a away win against Italy would be magical!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I could smell it before I could see it

Today I was off running some errands.

While walking across a parking lot I smelled something wonderful. I stopped, lifted my head and looked around, and saw the source of the wonderful aroma- White Hut.

You can learn all about it at their website, but here are a couple of things that will give you a better idea of what the place is like.

First, it seems like everyone there is a regular- that's probably why they've been in business for almost 70 years.

Second, drinks only come in bottles and cans. Although, you can get ice water at the counter, and without anyone giving you a dirty look.

Third, the restroom doors say "Ladies" and "Gentlemen."

Finally, if a woman orders a hamburger, it is cut in half for her.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Jam Band Felons 2.0

First Trey from Phish gets popped for having lots of painkillers in his car that didn't belong to him and now, John Popper, formerly of (despite-my-playing-the-harmonica-our-band-has nothing-to-do-with-the) Blues Traveler gets stopped in a car going 111mph, has weed in the vehicle, and has numerous guns hidden in custom built hidden compartments. His PR people are now spinning his gun-fetish as a result of him being an avid target shooter or something, but the original article quoted the arresting officer as saying that Popper made some comments about (and I'm paraphrasing) wanting to be prepared when the "end" came or something like that. This seems rather credible given the way the the guns were hidden.

Also- and keep in mind I don't wish death on anyone- it does make me smile a bit to know that Boston will never reunite.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I took $60.00 out of the ATM machine today.

I now have $8.75.

I know exactly what I spent the money on- doing my laundry, buying dinner and lunch, and paying for a new battery and water seal for my watch- but somehow I still feel like something untoward has happened.

On the bright side, yesterday I went grocery shopping and paid $45.03 for a month's worth of groceries- leaving me almost $5.00 for other incidental food items I may need in the next four weeks.

I guess I'll call it a tie.