Tuesday, April 28, 2009

93 degrees on April 28

This is just uncalled for.

Thankfully, it is not humid.

And it's going to cool down tonight.

Friday, April 17, 2009

"Parks and Recreation"

Wow. This show is just not funny AT ALL.

I love Amy Poehler, but I haven't even cracked a smile after two episodes, never mind actually laughing.

Very disappointing.

A Question I Never Thought I'd Have A Reason To Ask

Why is it that every movie made in the mid-1970's has the look of a CBS "Movie of the Week?"

Is it something about the era? The technology available at the time? The horrible fashions?

I've watched two movies in the last week with actors who NEVER seem to give a bad performance- Richard Widmark and Gene Hackman- and I could barely sit through them.

I guess it's back to black and white movies for me.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

This is responsible for at least SOME of the anger

Since the new year- maybe even since last fall- I've been trying to get four people (two friends and two relatives) to join me in celebrating a rather important birthday I have coming up this summer.

I've selected a place (which will be totally free to them once they arrive), a time (which I've basically allowed them to choose so that it will be convenient for them- not me!), I will be doing as much of the driving- and there's quite a bit- possible, and absorbing about 99% of the cost and the planning... and all four of them are still waffling.


The shortest amount of time I've known any of the four is almost ten years, the most? Almost 35!

Here's the breakdown:

Person #1: Says he'll definitely be there, but is being painfully slow about committing to the dates. I believe he will be there, but c'mon already!

Person #2: Generally ignores the parts of my e-mails when I talk about this subject- and this is the person I mentioned this to last fall so that he would have every chance (he has a lot of responsibilities at work and home as well as a family to consider) to make time for it.

Person #3: I'm sure he will be there, but thus far his outward expression of interest could best be described as "tepid."

Person #4: Says he can probably be there, and probably will be (again, I've been SUPER accommodating about the dates because of his schedule), but given how long I've given him, he needs to say, "YES! I will be there, I have confirmed that I can get a few days off!!"

I'm fairly confident that things will work out, and I'm sure that I'm taking this WAY to personally, but at the same time-

Do I really mean this little to all of you?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Two Questions

1. I have two tickets to see the Proclaimers on May 14...with whom shall I go?

2. What the hell is going on with me?! For about the last month I have just been incredibly angry. Not at anyone or anything particular, but I just seem to walk around all day on the verge of boiling over. Little things that normally wouldn't even register with me threaten to send me over the edge. Lately I've had to always keep in the front of my mind, with whom I am talking or what setting I am in. Frankly, it's kind of troubling.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Yesterday was Opening Day

Today it was snowing when I walked out of the grocery store.

Can it please be Spring now?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

It's Opening Day!!

And the Red Sox just won!

My "weekend" is off to a great start!